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Seiki Wellness provide you a healthier & better life with the world’s one & only advanced technology of Japan, the Cancer Genetic Prediction Test. Your future health condition can be accurately predicted like forecasting weather to accurately predict when the cancer will come and which parts of your body will be affected.
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CGP Test Provide You A Healthier & Better Life! The Happiness, Wellness for You & Family!

Towards 123 years old

It is hardly believe that we can live until age of 123, but it is absolutely possible! Because cancer is our number one enemy and our body are deteriorating as we aged. Your future health condition can be accurately predicted like forecasting weather to accurately predict when the cancer will come and which parts of your body will be affected so that to take precautions- you will be forever cancer free! Helping people to live until 123 years old healthily is our mission. Love live, love healthy is our philosophy. After all, stay long life until 123 is no longer an unachievable dream. With us, you will make it possible! Let’s witness our mission together.

Latest Cancer Report Worldwide

Latest research shows that the number of cancer cases in the past 10 years had increased by 33%. Researchers conducted that there are an average of 1,750,000 of cancer cases and 850,000 of death caused by cancer. Based on the research by Global Burden of Disease Cancer Collaboration, the increase of cancer cases are mainly due to old age, increase of population and changes in disease rate of specific age group. According to researchers, the risk of cancer in a lifetime is 1/3 for male while 1/4 for female. Prostate cancer is the most common among male(160,000 cases), tracheal, bronchial and lung cancer is the main cause of death by cancer among male. While breast cancer is the most common among female (240,000 cases), which is the main cause of death by cancer among women. Professor Christina Fitzmaurice, a researcher from the University of Washington, Seattle states that Leukemia is the most common cancer among children, and others like Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, brain and nervous system cancer.

Top 10 Killers of Cancer
MaleLiver Cancer, Colon Cancer, Lung Cancer, Oral Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Skin Cancer, Nose Cancer
FemaleBreast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Liver Cancer, Lung Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Skin Cancer, Ovarian Cancer

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CGP Test

The world’s 1 and only Cancer Genetic Prediction Technology from Japan. As we enter the era which cancer can be prevented, it is no longer fearful. This technology is a nonprofit organization under the guidance of Clinical Gene Information Medical Association. After countless clinical research and analysis for more than 10 years, they have finally achieved valuable results, known as “cancer genetic prediction test”, which is also known as gene detection. Cancer is a disease caused by genetic variation. By utilizing this technology, you can take preventive measures to living away from the pain of cancer.

Why CGP Test?

1.Conduct a thorough investigation against cancer and potentially life-threatening major diseases such as cerebrovascular, cardiovascular, diabetes etc. so that people really understand their own health condition.

2.To save lives through early detection and treatment. Based on the world’s medical level today, early treatment has become the important key to save a cancer patient’s life. Early treatment is based on the basis of early detection. Japan’s successful anti-cancer experience in the past 30 years has told us that regular professional cancer detection is the best method to resist cancer for mankind today.

3.Lastly the most important, Japan ranks no.1 against early detection of cancer cells. Japan has created a new era of precise anti-cancer inspection, becoming the world’s most advanced cancer prevention country. It is able to discover a variety of known cancer through the world’s most sophisticated cancer test and detection in Japan to provide the highest degree of life and guarantee.

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The probability of cancer can be checked before the disease

Cancer is not an incurable disease. Some cancer can be treated through anti-cancer drugs and the most advanced medical treatment according to the degree of medical technology development but only during early stages of cancer. There will be physical weakening, mental pain and reduction of income due to the treatment even in early detection. The cost of treatment and hospital will also have a toll on mental health. Cancer is a threatening disease for us. So far, it is impossible to judge until cancer attacks. PET CT and nuclear magnetic resonance can only be diagnosed through image. Cancer is a disease caused by genetic mutation but would not exceed 5% by gene inheritance. The major factor of cancer is due to the environment and lifestyle. A new way to prevent cancer has been discovered. Cancer genetic testing is based on comparison between the level of genetic criteria and the data of each of the body parts. In other words, cancer can be prevented in the stage before it attacks.

Cancer can be predicted through the world’s one & only “Cancer Genetic Prediction Test” (CGP).

This test allows us to know in advance what potential diseases we will have in future 3-5 years.This is a world shocking medical discovery to see our future from now. Prevention is better than treatment because it is too costly for cancer treatment such as the high medical cost, mental suffering, unable to cope with severe pain, our health & antibody deteriorating, appearance changes & hair lost after cancer treatment. All these sufferings not only affect ourselves but also our beloved family members.

Domain for risk assessment test by using CGP Test

  • Prevention Management
  • Confirmation of treatment effect
  • Management to prevent recurrence

Domain possible for image diagnosis PET-CT , MRI , CT

Seiki Smartgene Test

We inherited half of the DNA from each parent, which is why we have the identical characteristic with parents. DNA is the hereditary material that contains all information regarding development, functioning and reproduction of all living organisms, including humans. Affected by inherited genes, the personality of kids is complicated and unique.

Through the whole-human development and assessment service by PSYGene, you will get to know your kids’ natural born personality. We sequence genes to analyze these 14 personality traits, as well as psychological assessment which belongs to environmental factors, to fully know kids’ personality.

These inborn traits are analyzed by our experts in human DNA, psychotherapy and genetics from Switzerland and Germany, and can form new beliefs and enhance well being, career success and ideal partnerships. It is not cheating. It is just what nature had in mind. A new opportunity aims to create better life.

We use the most scientific approaches to analyze your kids’ personality traits. Our technology compares two profiles: the DNA scores of 14 categories: Spontaneous, Emotional, Decisive, Optimist, Strategic, Risk-taker, Sex driven, Confident, Calm, Innovative, Social, Stress tolerant, Bon vivant, Self aware and compares it to the self assessment criteria, which is targeting the OCEAN profile. The OCEAN traits are the five domains openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. Every domain contains 6 facets, that build the link to the DNA scales. We use an algorithm, which is projecting the 5 OCEAN traits onto the 14 DNA traits. So that you can really know your kids.


Love Life, Love Health

– Seiki Wellness

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